St. Patrick's Day in Dogtown

Dogtown United has partnered with the Ancient Order of the Hibernians to jointly plan the annual parade and  Dogtown Irish Festival. Thank you to our sponsors!


Parade Details and FAQs

What time does the parade start?

This year both the Dogtown and the Downtown Saint Patrick’s Parades are on the same day, so public safety officials requested that the Hibernians adjust the start times of the two parades. The Annual Ancient Order of Hibernians Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dogtown will be at 10 a.m. instead of 12:30 p.m. The Downtown Parade will move back an hour to 1 p.m.

What all is included in the festival?

Upon completion of the parade, Tamm Avenue will remain blocked for traffic from Berthold to Nashville to host the festival. The festival will feature food and drink from numerous vendors. Be sure to visit the Merchant Village on Clayton, just east of Tamm, with over eight vendors selling Irish shirts, jewelry, and much more! The festival stage, located at Clayton and Wise by the gazebo, will feature live music from Rusty Nail from 1-5 p.m.

All outside sales in the festival area will begin at 9 a.m. and will end promptly at 6 p.m. Establishments on Tamm will close at 8 p.m.

The Rusty Nail band will play music 1-5 p.m. at the stage. During a break, the Megan Torno School of Irish Dancing will perform around 3 p.m. 

Is there still a cooler/backpack ban?

In order to protect the residents and festival attendees, we will continue the prohibition of coolers, backpacks, cans, and bottles from the festival area. None of these items will be allowed into the festival area or past any check points. Containers necessary for child care purposes can be admitted after a brief search by security staff.

Will there be more security?

Yes, we will have an increased security presence that will be in place longer throughout the day, and additional traffic precautions.

The festival will include check points at all entry points with security personnel. Additional and stronger barricades will be placed at intersections to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the festival area. And Tamm Avenue, between Berthold and Nashville, will remained closed throughout the festival, 8 a.m.-6 p.m., to protect pedestrians.

What streets are closed or one-way? What areas are no parking?

  • Wells Drive in Forest Park between Government Dr. and Tamm Ave overpass
  • Oakland between Fairmount and Hampton
  • Tamm between Oakland and Manchester
  • The following streets between Childress and Graham: Berthold, Clayton, Victoria, West Park, Nashville, Wade, and Lloyd and all alleys.
  • Childress from Lloyd to Clayton will be re-directed to ONE-WAY traffic heading NORTH; There will be No Parking on one side of Childress in this area
  • Graham from Wade to Clayton will be re-directed to ONE-WAY traffic heading SOUTH; there will be No Parking on one side of Graham in this area.
  • The entire festival zone area will be closed, which includes Tamm Avenue from Berthold to Nashville, Wise from Tamm to Childress, and Clayton from Childress to Graham. See a map below for the festival zone. 

A "No Parking" zone will be established along the parade route. Signs will be posted in No Parking areas several days before the event. The No Parking order will go into effect promptly at 6 a.m. on Saturday Morning and will not end until 8 p.m. Cars parked in this area will be ticketed and towed! If possible, avoid parking on the parade route on Friday night to avoid the hassle of moving your car early in the morning! 

The Parade Route along Oakland and Tamm will be locked down to all traffic at 8 a.m. Houses and businesses along the route will not be accessible by car after this time. Due to new security procedures, please know that traffic on most intersecting streets along the parade area will not be re-opened until later than in prior years. Please plan your travel accordingly.

To depart the festival area: If you are parked to the west of Tamm, please depart the neighborhood heading west toward McCausland or Skinker. If you are parked east of Tamm, please depart heading east toward Hampton. Manchester will remain open throughout the day.

Because we are ordering more dumpsters and portable toilets than ever before, deliveries of these items must begin on the Wednesday before the event. Please pardon the inconvenience as these deliveries will start to take up some parking spots in the neighborhood for a few days. 

Will there be taxi drop-off/pick-up locations?

Yes! There will be a taxi corral on Clayton Avenue between Graham and Cresent. Taxi companies, Uber, and Lyft have all been notified about this drop-off and pick-up area.

What are the plans for trash clean-up?

Numerous dumpsters and trash barrels will be placed along key parts of the parade route, many more than from prior years. The festival has hired Regency Services to conduct trash pickup all day along the parade route, and will come back the next morning. The City's street sweepers will come through on the evening of the 17th after the festival ends. The dumpsters will be removed and emptied on Monday. 

A group of residents is also organizing a trash pick up and block party through Operation Brightside the day after the festival, Sunday, March 18. Residents may volunteer to pick up their block and can grab some free food and drinks afterwards. All clean up materials are provided. Contact Greg Grimes to sign up or for more information at or (314) 550-4148. 

What are the plans for recycling?

For the first time ever, we're partnering with St. Louis Earth Day who will be sorting recyclables from the trash at key hot spots in the festival area. We are partnering with vendors to collect recycling and reduce landfill waste. Please be sure to place your plastic and aluminum in the recycling bins!

Will there be a neighborhood float?

Absolutely! Dogtown United secured a float in the annual AOH parade, and residents and friends of Dogtown are welcome to be a part of the parade! We will tow a trailer, decorate it, and toss beads to the thousands of parade goers. A $30 donation per person, or $50 per family (2 or more people) is requested to cover an official t-shirt, beads, breakfast, beverages, and a keg (for those 21+). Residents of all ages are encouraged to attend! Sign up online!

Do you need any help or volunteers with this year's event?

Yes! This year’s event will include our first official Dogtown Irish Festival, and we need lots of hands to help us pull this off and make it safe, fun, and entertaining for all who attend. We’re looking for volunteers to help us with entertainment (booking and arranging acts), set up and tear down (stages, barricades, etc), litter crew, and more. You will be rewarded an official Dogtown Irish Festival t-shirt and two free drink tickets . Email us with your preferred duties, and we will set up a time with all volunteers to get started.

Will there be ADA viewing at the event?

Yes! Dogtown United recognizes the importance of providing access to all members of our community, including those with accessibility needs. We are committed to ensuring equal access to our annual celebration.

Our services include prime parade route accessibility seating at Tamm Avenue and Oakland (northeast corner), an ADA toilet near the viewing area, as well as sign language interpreters at the main stage.  A limited number of parking spots will be reserved on Oakland Avenue, just east of Graham. 

ADA toilets will be available at the following locations.

  • North side of Oakland @ Tamm (by ADA viewing area)
  • Pat Connolly Tavern tent area
  • Felix's Pizza Pub parking lot
  • Clayton @ Tamm (one on both sides of Tamm)
  • Seamus McDaniel's on Victoria @ Tamm
  • Tamm @ West Park (on both sides of Tamm)
  • St. James the Greater Parking Lot
 ADA viewing shown above.

ADA viewing shown above.


Dogtown Irish Festival Zone

This year's event will feature an Irish Festival! The area highlighted to the left includes the festival zone: Tamm Avenue from Berthold to Nashville, and Clayton Avenue from Childress to Graham will remain closed throughout the festival (until 6 p.m.) for pedestrian safety. Entertainment includes the band Rusty Nail, Irish dancers, merchants, and more!

DU festival shirt design.jpg

Official Dogtown Irish Festival Shirt

The creation of the Dogtown Irish Festival is an exciting partnership between Dogtown United and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. For the first time ever, you can get your limited edition shirt to celebrate the first year of this historic occasion! 

You can purchase shirts in advance at participating neighborhood bars for $20 cash or $22 with a credit/debit card. Shirts will also be sold on St. Patrick's Day at one of our two booths: in front Felix's, or on the lot next to The Pat Connolly Tavern!

If you want to reserve yours now, email us at with your size, and we will contact you with a place for pick up.


Merchant Village

For the first time we are featuring a Merchant's Village with 10 vendors showcasing great apparel and collectibles. Be sure to visit them on Clayton Ave, just east of Tamm!

The Hibernia Apartments | Gaelic Athletic Club

Kerry Cottage | The Seamus Shop

I Grew Up in Dogtown | Southside Irish

Simply Chic jewelry | Absolutely Brilliant jewelry

Tipsy Goat cookies | Good Dog Treat Box

Straight Outta Dogtown (at Berthold and West Park)


Rusty Nail Performing at Festival

The first annual Dogtown Irish Festval, located at Clayton and Wise by the gazebo, will feature live music from Rusty Nail, 1-5 p.m. on St. Patrick's Day.

Check out their music online!


Food/Drink Options

Grab some food and drink at one of our fine Dogtown establishments along with a few special vendors on St. Patrick's Day! Here is a list of options, from north to south. 
Pat Connolly Tavern - Oakland @ Tamm
Dan Deveraux Foundation beer - Berthold @ Tamm
Sister Cities beer - Berthold @ Tamm
Felix's Pizza Pub - Clayton/Tamm
Stone Turtle - Clayton/Tamm
Heavy Riff Brewery - Clayton/Tamm
Ancient Order of Hibernians beer - Clayton/Tamm
Red Apron shish kabob & funnel cake - Clayton/Tamm
Serving with the Badge creole food - Clayton/Tamm
Seamus McDaniel's - Tamm @ Victoria
Tamm Ave Bar - Tamm @ Victoria
Mac's Local Eats - Tamm @ Victoria
Salon Melange Nacho Stand - Tamm @ Victoria
Sugaree Bakery - West Park @ Tamm
Patrick's Dogtown Liquors - West Park @ Tamm
St. James the Greater - Tamm @ Wade
The Cakery - Tamm @ Wade
Colombo's Cafe & Tavern - Manchester @ Mitchell